Creative. Clever. Concise. 

You have a lot to do, don't you?

Major business decisions; sorting through a million Post-its, hiding from your to-do list; three meetings and a conference call before lunch; taking (or maybe avoiding) a call from a reporter; finishing (okay starting) your blog; reviewing your web impressions (you can never have too many impressions!); responding to your social media followers (or maybe figuring out how to get them); and so on.

We get it. 100%.

And we can help. 

Located in Durham Region, Good Word Communications is an integrated, communications agency. A place where work isn’t defined by minutes clocked in a cubicle or corner office - because inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere - but by real results.

We are all-star communications professionals with niche writing, editing, media relations, social media, graphic design and web design skills who believe that strong communication – written, verbal, visual and digital – and solid business results go hand in hand.  


Although we may be small, our ideas are BIG, our experience is HUGE and our dedication to ensuring our clients receive the big brand experience they deserve is MASSIVE! We have fun, we love what we do, and it shows, but when it’s time to suit up and take a seat at the proverbial table, we seriously bring it – EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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Our approach 

We don't like to sing our own praises (did we mention we are rock stars?) but… we have proven communications expertise gained from years of working with big brands; serious attention to detail; and a virtual business model that keeps overhead costs low, which translates into reasonable rates for our clients.


We actually listen, we don’t just say we do. We consider where and how you started, determine where you are now, and help you get to where you want to be!


We tell it like it is. Our clients come to us with impressive goals and we work hard to meet their expectations. That means not being afraid to ask tough questions, raise concerns, offer new ideas and dig deeper than everyone else as we pull together the best possible communications approach – on time and on budget.


We don’t work for you, we work with you. Communications require flexibility as opportunities and challenges arise. Whether that means ongoing monitoring of a situation, changing gears mid-stream or developing a new strategy, we are in this together.