We offer the following services:


Creative copy 

You’re unique, and we can help you communicate your individual point of value (POV) to your target audience(s). Not sure how to start a blog or develop a website? Maybe you’re not so social on social media or can’t get past writing the opening line of a potentially career-changing keynote address? 


Strategic thinkers (and grammar nerds) with a passion for storytelling and keen attention to detail, our talented content creators produce creative and engaging copy to make your brand shine and motivate your audiences into action. ​​

  • Website and brochure copy

  • Media materials

  • Corporate and marketing materials

  • Blogs 

  • Annual reports

  • Business plans

  • Strategic plans

  • Strategic mandate agreements

  • Award nomination packages 

  • Grant applications 

  • Research and funding proposals

  • Speeches

  • Social media content 

  • Case studies 

  • Advertorials 

  • By-line/op-ed pieces 


Media relations 

Seasoned storytellers with A-MAZING media relations skills and the ability to secure coverage across multiple platforms – print, radio, television and digital – Good Word boasts 20+ years of media relations expertise (50+ years if you group us together!), enabling us – and by extension our clients – to stay relevant in an ever-evolving media landscape.

  • Proactive/reactive media relations 

  • Releases/advisories

  • Pitching/relationship building

  • Interview co-ordination/prep

  • By-line/op-ed securement


Media training 

Media is a key resource for reaching your target audiences – how an organization communicates with reporters can make – or break – its reputation (for real!).


Led by Allison Morris-Rosnak, who has coached senior leadership from numerous organizations for 15+ years, Good Word’s robust, easy-to-follow and effective media training workshops help our clients to better understand media, including how to build and maintain excellent relationships with reporters and prepare them to NAIL media interviews going forward.


Strategic communications 

Effective communication begins and ends with strategy. Critical thinking and analysis and the ability to craft on-point messages that will inspire your target audiences to action, our team is essentially the “Yoda” of strategic communicators and thrives on developing comprehensive communications plans designed to garner what our clients want most – results.

  • Communications (including media and social media and key message development) strategies and planning

  • Internal communications/employee engagement and workplace culture

  • PR 101 training – half day/full day and lunch and learn sessions


Crisis communications/issues management 

Time to get real.


Not so fun fact: it can take years to cultivate a positive reputation and only seconds to destroy it. 


If your organization has already experienced (hopefully not) an issue or crisis, you may already know how damaging it can be and how vulnerable it can make you feel. The good news is that it’s entirely possible to effectively manage a crisis – particularly from a communications perspective – and thankfully we excel at it. 


We can help you to remain calm and feel empowered by taking control of the narrative, navigating the media and minimizing the adverse impact on your brand or organization.

  • Reputation management

  • Issues management

  • Crisis communications

  • Contingency planning


Social media 

Social media is a powerful platform for engaging with your target audiences, but experience tells us it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We combine traditional PR skills with the power of social media to help organizations determine which channel(s) works best for them, then develop creative strategies and relevant content that will foster engagement and interaction with your key audiences. 

  • Social media strategy

  • Social media content 

  • Influencer/blogger outreach

  • Campaign measurement


Branding and design

From a communications perspective, your brand is how people view you when you’re not around. So, what are people saying about your organization? Does it demonstrate your core values and what makes you unique? Do you stand apart from the crowd or are your audiences unsure of what you offer? 


Whether you could use some help with your brand strategy and positioning and, by extension, your visual or written identity, we make our clients look, and feel, GOOD. We combine strategic thinking with clever copy and powerful imagery, enabling them to connect and engage with their target audiences and determine their unique place, and voice, in the market.

  • Logo development 

  • Brand development 

  • Brand/logo refresh

  • Annual reports 

  • Award submissions 

  • Newsletters

  • Evites

  • Viewbooks

  • Business cards/stationery 

  • Promo pieces/postcards/flyers 

  • Advertisements 

  • Social media - imagery, ads, icons, banners, etc. 



The first to admit that words matter (we live to create content), we also believe that strong imagery can speak a thousand words. Whether it’s marketing materials, websites, social media channels, corporate images or events, let our uber-talented photography team showcase you, and your purpose, in the best possible light (photography pun fully intended)?   ​​

  • Product 

  • Lifestyle

  • Landscape/nature 

  • Manipulation/retouch

  • Macro 

  • Corporate (headshots) 

  • Portrait

  • Event 



Ahhhh, the Web – it’s where your audience lives. Websites are the ‘front door’ to your business and when your clients ’walk in’ they must be able to understand what you do, feel a connection to your services and be able to find all the information they need about what you offer. 


Strong websites create lasting first impressions and demonstrate to the world what you bring to the table and why it should care. From design and branding to solid content and effective imagery, we elevate your web presence (online and mobile) and bring your story to life. 

  • Consultation 

  • Website design 

  • Branding 

  • Content creation 

  • Imagery



If we've established that words matter and pictures speak a thousand words (this happened in the photography section above, in case you were wondering!), imagine what can happen at the point of intersection. In the interest of keeping it real, stats show that 95 per cent of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service and more than 80 per cent are convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video – demonstrating that visual content is key when it comes to driving action and creating engagement. From promotional videos and testimonials to corporate training and employee communications, we tell visual stories in meaningful ways to give you another powerful tool in your brand arsenal.

  • Promotional videos

  • Highlight reels

  • Testimonials

  • Corporate videos

  • Employee communications