Allison Morris-Rosnak

A communications rock star, Allison has more than 20 years of internal and external comms experience in the agency and corporate worlds. 


Known for her mad writing and editing skills, media training leadership, crisis and issues management knowledge, media relations experience and a serious love affair with sarcasm AND Starbucks, she is the former manager of Communications and Media and Editorial for two of Ontario’s leading post-secondary institutions. In both roles she had oversight of communications and built, fostered and maintained relationships with key stakeholders in Durham Region and across the GTA. 


Prior to joining the academic sector, Allison honed her talent at two leading traditional public relations agencies, executing communications programs for several high-profile brands. 

With an unwavering dedication to generating results for her clients by encouraging calculated risks and bridging strategy with innovation, Allison thrives on positively shaping a company and/or brand’s image and clearly communicating an organization’s message(s) to stakeholders to drive business growth.


A mom of three, avid runner, and spin instructor (who consistently struggles to find time to teach a class but refuses to give up the dream!) Allison is currently completing her Master of Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on two of her favourite things – communications and leadership.

Communications associate
Krista Luxton

Despite trying to leave the communications world multiple times to pursue her daisy-picking, unicorn-chasing dream of teaching yoga full time, Krista’s passion for public relations (PR), writing, editing and a genuine love of helping our clients achieve their dreams (not to mention she’s a big time grammar nerd) keeps her lovingly attached to the PR industry - imagine, she does this because she wants to! 


With a decade-long career spanning several sectors, including education and health care, Krista has developed numerous impactful communications campaigns and been recognized several times by the International Association of Business Communicators, a global network of communications professionals committed to improving organizational effectiveness through strategic communication.


Her background in yoga and meditation allow her to approach the fast-paced world of communications with a calming presence, naturally specializing in crisis communications, while her journalism background gives her a strategic understanding of media relations and what it takes to get coverage. 


Known for her versatility as a writer and a natural ability to write within a variety of styles (e.g. corporate, print, web, social media etc.), Krista is highly skilled at drafting communications materials and key messages that align with an organization’s mission, vision and values, and has developed messaging on behalf of many senior-level executives, event emcees/speakers, physicians and post-secondary faculty members.


Quirky, energetic and outgoing, Krista is a former communications officer with one of Ontario’s leading post-secondary institutions, and isn’t afraid to push her clients, as she does her yoga students, to step into their vast potential. She can usually be found playing with her son, walking barefoot through the grass or meditating before the sun rises.

Nathan Colantonio
Graphic designer/photographer

With a decade of photography and design experience, Nathan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of photography genres including landscape, macro and surrealism. 


He is also an accomplished graphic designer who specializes in logo development and the digital design space while excelling at the branding process, which supports Good Word’s commitment to bring our clients’ stories to life. 


Known as a ‘jack of all trades', Nathan’s most recent passion project is his mobile studio – built entirely from a used school bus – which also serves as his (very cool) office! 

With his unbelievable Photoshop skills, always upbeat personality and passion for creating at the juncture where vision becomes reality, this Nutella-loving creative can handle anything you throw his way.

Recently back in Ontario after a four-year stint in Alberta, Nathan is a lover of all things outdoors and athletic, and is an avid traveller, having spent time in New Zealand, Thailand and Central America. In his spare time he can be found planning his next road trip and capturing the perfect image.

Craig Sinclair
Graphic/web designer

Despite his extremely youthful appearance, which he chalks up to years of good sleep and bacon breakfasts, Craig has been honing his graphic/web design and art directing talents for close to 20 years, working with clients in the food and beverage, custom publication, automotive, education and health services industries.   


In addition, he has substantial expertise in editorial design, branding, logo design and typography along with a passion for designing inspirational and creative websites that elevate the digital presence of our clients.



A self-proclaimed graphic design nerd, Craig is a risk-taker who, after spending more than a decade art directing for one of Toronto's leading marketing and communications firms, relocated with his family to Ontario’s ‘West Coast’ aka Huron County in 2008 where he spends his free time exploring everything small town life has to offer with his wife and children.


A proud papa of two and a lover of golf (if he’s not keeping score!) he also has a serious passion (okay, obsession) for Ontario craft beer. Cheers!

Jay Kemp
Director of photography/photographer

With more than 28 years of experience as a director of photography (which includes waaaay more than just capturing still shots - think film director, but with a more artistic focus), Jay has mad photography, video and scene creation skills that have been showcased by some of Canada’s leading media outlets including Discovery Channel, TSN and CTV.


Known for his unwavering enthusiasm, creativity and artistic eye, he has a knack for helping his subjects feel at ease while he captures the perfect shot, conveying their authentic essence and unique brand and bringing their story to life.


With an amazing sense of humour, Jay has travelled the globe filming adventures ranging from some of the world’s biggest sporting events and incredible landscapes to aircrafts, robots and wild animals, including his personal fave… crocodiles!

Consistently looking for creative ways to motivate those around him through visual media, Jay is inspired by science and nature, as well as capturing the human side of a story. He also finds inspiration at home with his (self-proclaimed), Star Wars geek family!

Heather Bulman
Junior communications associate

With more than five years of communications and marketing experience and an affinity for looking at projects through a client experience lens, Heather is enthusiastic about telling the stories of businesses and individuals who are making an impact on the local scene, while binge watching her latest Netflix obsession during her downtime.   


A talented writer and editor with a keen ability for drafting content that directly aligns with the values and priorities of our clients, Heather is also dedicated to volunteerism and lends her project management and communications expertise to a number of boards and committees in both the education and community development sectors.

With a passion for encouraging her colleagues to look at the big picture and strategically plan for the future, she is also the mom of a sweetly sarcastic and forever forgetful eight-year-old, meaning she spends her free time searching for lonely mittens or engaged in a strategic Catan takeover.