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Good Word was proud to support the creation of a new brand for the York Hills Centre for Children, Youth and Families (York Hills), an amalgamation of the Blue Hills Child and Family Centre and the York Centre for Children, Youth & Families. Following a fact finding session with both senior leadership and frontline staff to determine the vision and goal of York Hills and how to communicate that effectively via the new brand, including accompanying marketing materials, we began work on an exciting new concept that would meet the centre’s goal to visually depict the range of mental health services it offers children from birth to age 18 and their families.


Brand development for York Hills included a new logo focused on the services it provides, which creatively uses letters to capture the concept of a child receiving support that enables him/her to face obstacles and journey upwards; typography and colour palette selection; branded imagery; and social media icons. In addition, because York Hills was a new entity, we also developed a range of additional branded materials including templates for a brochure, presentation slides, letterhead and business cards as well as social media icons for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Previous logos
New logo