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Elevate your brand: building a robust public relations toolbox


Whether you’re an existing business owner or have just started your entrepreneurial journey, launching a business can be one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make (we know from experience!) and you want your hard work and financial investment to pay off!

Did you know that a positive reputation is one of the most important assets you can have when it comes to cultivating a brand that is 1) wildly successful and 2) able to withstand the test of time?

So, how do you build and maintain a solid reputation that ensures others see you in the way you want to be seen? Our new workshop series will show you how to build a robust communications toolbox for your organization, elevate your brand and cultivate your (positive) reputation – now and in the future!

Note: while each workshop is designed to work in succession to help you cultivate a communications framework tailored to your individual business, you are more than welcome to attend on a one-off basis depending on your communications wants and needs.

Hosted by PR pros:

Allison Morris-Rosnak and Krista Luxton


Business Advisory Centre Durham

3000 Garden Street, Suite 200, Whitby, ON L1R2G6

9:30 - 11:30 am


$40 per session

PR 101: drive your business, brand and success

If you’ve ever been asked about your public relations (PR) approach and been unsure of your answer, this interactive session is for you! Learn the basics of PR and how it can help strengthen your relationship with your key stakeholders in order to drive your reputation, brand and business success. Learning points: what PR is and why it matters; identifying your audience and key stakeholders; and key elements of a PR strategy and how to develop one for your business.

Key messages 101: build your PR foundation

Have you ever been confused about a product or service even AFTER chatting with the business owner or checking out its website or Facebook page? Two words: key messages, the foundation for all (written or spoken) organizational communications! Learn how to effectively share what you do with your stakeholders across all of your communications channels. Learning points: what key messages are, and how and when to use them; how to determine what your stakeholders should hear, understand and remember; and how to develop key messages and a corresponding message map for your business.

Storytelling: optimize the newest (oldest) business trend

Used to share thoughts, convey information and spark emotion, the art of storytelling is as old as society itself. So, how does storytelling impact your business? This new (old) tactic can enhance your business performance by allowing you to engage with your stakeholders and communicate your brand purpose on a deeper level. Learn how to determine your unique story and share it in a way that will inspire your audience(s) into action. Learning points: how storytelling contributes to business success; tips for determining your story and identifying your voice; and using storytelling to capture and maintain your audience’s attention.

Writing for multiple mediums: how to align your channels

Today’s business owners need to create content for more communications channels than ever before. Whether it’s your website or social channels or writing content for a media release, ad, blog, brochure or
postcard, are you aligning your messages across all of your mediums? Discover how to achieve brand recognition by ensuring your message is clear and consistent. Learning points: how to identify which
communications channels are best for your business; techniques for shaping your key messages for multiple
audiences/platforms; incorporating a consistent call to action; and adjusting your tone and style as needed.

Blogging 101: connect to your stakeholders
and build up your brand

A strong platform for connecting with your audiences while driving traffic to your website, blogging allows you to demonstrate your industry expertise and company persona while delivering meaningful content to your stakeholders! Whether you want to start your own blog, become a guest blogger or do both, learn how to develop a solid blogging foundation for your company, including how blogging can support business success. Learning points: tips for generating post ideas; how to develop a business personality that resonates with your stakeholders; and blog writing basics.

Media relations 101: cultivate relationships with reporters

Although the media landscape has changed with the Internet, the rise of social media and more, positive media coverage can still be one of the best, and most cost effective, ways to connect with your audience(s) – enabling you to build your brand and your reputation! The question is, where do you start? Learn how to make media relations an effective part of your ongoing promotional efforts and leverage the media to tell your story. Learning points: the current media landscape; earned coverage versus advertising; how to cultivate media relationships; identifying target outlets; and compiling a media list.

Media pitching 101: learn to pitch like a pro

Today’s world may be social media-driven, but earned media coverage continues to be an effective way to connect with your audience(s) and build credibility. Whether it’s a strong media campaign, drawing attention to an event, or announcing a major corporate takeover, effectively ‘pitching’ your story to reporters/producers is critical to generating positive coverage. Learn how to effectively share newsworthy information to build your brand, drive sales and further your reputation. Learning points: reactive versus proactive media relations; how to create a media pitch; and the critical elements of a press release and media advisory.

Media kit 101: create a media page that gets noticed

Securing media coverage for your business is a major milestone with the potential to drive sales, customers and growth IF your audience knows who you are. Learn how to develop a modern ‘press kit’ and make it easier for media to access your information. Learning points: what a press kit (media page) is and why it’s important; how to best tell your narrative; and how to incorporate your social media channels.

Media interviews: make your message
shine in the spotlight

It’s tough to be heard in today’s world of information overload. That’s why landing a media interview is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand, position you as a thought leader and drive sales – EXCEPT for when it’s not. An interview done well can help you achieve all those things, and more, BUT an interview went wrong can have the reverse effect. Learn how to build brand capacity through earned media and how to prepare for interview success. Learning points: how media coverage is generated; reporters’ wants and needs; and common media questions and how to respond.